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Nov. 3rd

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Prosser's Studio Beyond Boldly Goes
Where No Industry Concept Has Gone Before

Jasmin Prosser
Studio Beyond, a concept ahead of its time in utilizing the growth of the Internet to drive business opportunities, is designed to enable the worldwide film and television community to turn current access obstacles into collaborative business opportunities.

Three years in development, Studio Beyond is the first global online office environment designed to service the needs of the film and TV industries with tools that enable users to integrate all of their professional activities into one dedicated mobile office on one screen!

Jasmin Prosser, Studio Beyond's founder and CEO, first conceived the online office concept three years ago, after spending some time in LA's film industry. "I was surprised to see how many talented and skilled people find it hard to break into the movie industry, mostly due to a lack of connections," she recalls. "We are fully committed to supporting emerging talent, and believe that creativity should not be hindered by barriers or connections, and that creativity understands only one language: self-expression."

Prosser continued: "People have called our online office 'a Facebook for the film Industry,' but it's beyond that. It's a commercial outlet with a full-fledged online studio office that provides a 360-degree service in which anyone from talent seeking employment to producers seeking funding to distributors seeking content (and everyone in between) can connect with each other and start doing business online. This mobile office gives users freedom to integrate professional activities across borders of time, geographic location and social constraint. It bypasses the old system of endless middlemen preventing those in support and finance roles from interfacing in the film industry."

At the beginning of the 4th quarter Studio Beyond announced completion of the second phase of its full-fledged integrated online studio office, which offers a comprehensive online business platform where aspiring and established professionals can have barrier-free access to producers, sales agents, distributors, and financiers worldwide.


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