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Peter Young & LevelK Promote The Protection Of The Last
Pristine Marine Ecosystem On Earth Ross Sea – The Last Ocean
The LevelK Team - Tine Klint CEO, Natja Billede Sales Director & Alexandra Burke Jr. Sales Manager
Based in Copenhagen and New York, sales entity LevelK and New Zealand filmmaker Peter Young have partnered to bring a startling and intriguing documentary The Last Ocean to the screen, which lifts the lid on commercial fishing in the Ross Sea the most pristine marine ecosystem on Earth.

With the overall global imbalance of many eco systems, the timing is right for a documentary that sheds light on the global effects over-fishing is having on our oceans.

"This untold story comes from a place few have had the privilege to see - yet it has relevance to people from all over the world," said Young. "I look forward to working with LevelK and bringing this film to as large an audience as possible."

The Last Ocean is written and directed by Young, one of New Zealand's leading documentary makers. The 87-minute documentary is the story of the race to protect Earth's last untouched ocean before our insatiable appetite for fish destroys it. Through interviews and breathtaking cinematography, Young explores the complexity of the world's southern-most fishery where, each summer an international fleet breaks through the ice to target the large and lucrative Antarctic Tooth fish. The fish are then re-branded to the more palatable name 'Chilean Sea-bass' and are highly prized in the up-market restaurants of New York and Asia. The global end users are unaware that Antarctic Tooth fish are a top predator in the Ross Sea; lose them and the natural balance of the last pristine marine ecosystem on Earth will be lost forever.

Support for protecting the Ross Sea is has rolled in from influential players such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Richard Branson and Sam Neill and alliances with Environmental organizations such as WWF, Pew Environmental Group and Greenpeace. The Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) recently gathered to discuss the future of the oceans surrounding Antarctica.

The Last Ocean is supported by NZ on Air, the New Zealand Film Commission, Antarctic Ocean Alliance, Biotherm, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, International Fund for Animal Welfare, Park Road Post, Global Ocean, and Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition.

The Last Ocean is the latest addition to the LevelK's growing documentary label and joins the company's other acclaimed titles: ½ Revolution, Moon Rider, Planet RE:think and Prostitution Behind the Veil.

About LevelK ApS
LevelK ApS is a sales company that represents International production companies and manages the distribution rights for quality films and TV productions worldwide. LevelK has four areas of focus that come under four labels: Future Classics (LevelK's director's label), After Dark (genre titles), Family & Children, TV Series & Docs.

 Based in Copenhagen and New York, LevelK has a presence that extends globally and a dynamism that is reflected through LevelK's approach to innovative cross-platform distribution and marketing alongside traditional means of distribution.

 The close collaboration between LevelK and our distributors/producers throughout the life of the film enables a strong vision and enough character for the title to be a cut above a crowded marketplace and realize its best commercial potential.

About Peter Young, Fisheye Films
Peter Young established Fisheye Films in Christchurch New Zealand in 1997 and has since worked as a freelance director and cameraman. His credits number over a hundred documentaries, among them: BBC's Blue Planet Series, a Giant Squid film for prime time Discovery, and the final tribute documentary for Sir Edmund Hilary. Peter produced and shot the award winning series Hunger for the Wild for TVNZ and is now working on his second series of Coasters.

Peter Young began working on his first feature documentary The Last Ocean six years ago. With the completion of the film this labor of love has expanded into the formation of a Charitable Trust to promote the protection of Antarctica's Ross Sea, the world's most pristine marine ecosystem.

Young has won many awards for his skills and creativity behind the camera, both shooting and producing, but it's the opportunity to work with great teams and telling inspiring stories that keeps him in the business.

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