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McAlpine Vaines & Siller Launch Broadstairs Films

Main picture credits Picture attached (L-R): Hamish McAlpine, Carole Siller, Colin Vaines
Forming a collaboration, producers Hamish McAlpine, Colin Vaines and Carole Siller have established new banner Broadstairs Films to develop and produce joint projects. The new venture allows all three partners to continue developing their own independent slates with other producers which are unaffected by their agreement. Carole Siller commented: "The reason the three of us have come together is because we each bring something extremely valuable to the table. We complement each other brilliantly, with Hamish's proficiency in bringing movies to audiences, Colin's expertise in filmmaking having produced an array of critically acclaimed and commercially successful movies, and my knowledge of international business strategy and finance - we make a really great team!"

Complementing their strengths, the Broadstairs Films partnership covers all areas of the business: Siller's a business strategist with expertise in finance and international business; McAlpine's background is in distribution and marketing, renowned for bringing critically-acclaimed Asian and Arthouse films to the mainstream through his Tartan Films operation set-up in 1982; while Vaines is a respected producer, having produced or executive produced titles as diverse as Gangs Of New York, The Rum Diary, The Young Victoria, Breaking And Entering, London Boulevard and Miss Potter.

Broadstairs Films' first two projects are Lost Girl and Bhopal. Based on a story by Hamish McAlpine and written by Susan Everett, Lost Girl is a London based supernatural thriller about a kidnapping that goes awry with horrifying consequences. Bhopal is a documentary about the planet's worst man made disaster when an American owned pesticide plant leaked a deadly chemical gas over the densely packed slums of Bhopal, India. The gas killed 8-10,000 people, within hours, and 15,000 more have since died from its effects. In total, over 500,000 were exposed and at least 120,000 of them still suffer from debilitating injuries and disease caused by the gas. The company has not cleaned up the site, 29 years later, which continues to contaminate the environment and America continues to refuse extradition requests for the CEO to stand trial for culpable homicide in the Indian Criminal Courts.

Splitting their time between the UK and LA, the partners are at the AFM to cement relationships with both agencies and sales companies.

About Broadstairs Films
Launched in 2013 by British producers Hamish McAlpine, Colin Vaines and Carole Siller, Broadstairs Films will be producing international independent films of various genres by consolidating the partners' relevant individual projects.

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