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The Night Crew From Producer Ryan Noto For
Premiere Entertainment Group Currently in Production

Ryan Noto
Producer Ryan Noto is currently in production On The Night Crew starring Luke Goss, (Death Race 2) his first production for Premiere Entertainment Group (PEG) the sales, financing and distribution company he established nearly 18 months ago with his long-time friend and associate Elias Axume.

The Night Crew is an action thriller directed by Christian Sesma from a screenplay by Christian Sesma and Paul Sloan. The Night Crew centers on a group of hard-up bounty hunters who must survive the night in a desert motel against a horde of savage border runners during which time they realize their fugitive, a mysterious woman, is much more than she lets on.

Noto has served as a co-production partner on a number of films through his Digital Post Services (DPS) Post Production company and feels the moment is now right to produce films that Premiere Entertainment Group will own and can sell worldwide. "I love movies, and I love filmmaking, " said Noto. "The Night Crew will be the first feature length film I have produced and I am excited, for two reasons. I feel that if I'm completely involved, to a certain extent I'm mitigating potential losses, or if there are losses, at least they happened at my helm, in which case, I'm responsible. I like being in that place. On any production, it's inevitable, sometimes things go good and some things don't, some ideas are great and some are not. If something doesn't go the way it's supposed to and it happens under someone else's watch, it's hard for me to accept. If it goes wrong and it happens on my watch, I've got no one to blame but myself. I've never been afraid of taking on the responsibility. I say to my colleagues I'm working with on the movie, "As long as we can get this film shot and in the can on time, I know my team at DPS can assemble it and make a great movie, I'd say my bet is fairly well-covered." Secondly, I've done co-productions with a number of people before, and on those films I'm taking the same amount of risk, but for half the gain, depending on how many people are involved. This is my first feature as the fully fledged producer, and the timing was right with respect to the sales company that offers me the opportunity to produce the kind of films I feel I know that the marketplace wants. If you're going to be in this business, you need to be in it all the way. We are hoping to have a teaser for the AFM, and be ready to show the film at Berlin".

Producing films for Premiere Entertainment Group is one facet of the expansion for PEG which already has 51 Films in its library and whose goal is to bring the marketplace quality feature films with known casts that appeal to a world-wide audience. The company recently entered into an agreement to handle representation on some big name talent Moonstone Entertainment titles that fit into the PEG profile. Ryan Noto continued, "I have had a business relationship for a long time with Etchie Stroh. We've come together and concluded there could be Kismet to have Premiere selling the Moonstone Library and as of AFM we are representing 22 films in that library. The titles include Hotel directed by Mike Figgis, with Salma Hayek, Danny Huston, Lucy Liu, John Malkovich; Digging To China with Kevin Bacon and Evan Rachel Wood; Cookie's Fortune with Glenn Close, Julianne Moore, Liv Tyler, and Chris O'Donnell. All of these films follow PEG combined interests, which is strong talent driven films that transcend territories."

About Premiere Entertainment Group
Premiere Entertainment Group is a production, financing, and international sales company that has thrived since it first opened in July 2012. In the first year, PEG acquired over 16 titles, including Sundance 2013 Best Director winner Afternoon Delight starring Juno Temple & Josh Radnor; SXSW thriller Scenic Route starring Josh Duhamel; the family comedy Hairbrained with Brendan Fraser; the music documentary "Can't Stand Losing You" with The Police; the hit indie-Comedy It's A Disaster with Julia Stiles; and Sundance 2013 road trip comedy Ass Backwards with Alicia Silverstone. In addition, PEG has completed its first feature film The Outsider with Jason Patric and James Caan. Premiere Entertainment at the time of this publication is in production on the action thriller The Night Crew starring Luke Goss, and a Spring 2014 shoot on the Bruce Beresford Project, starring Sarah Jessica Parker entitled Grand Lake.

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