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The Hollywood Independent Who Rose To Fame In China

Monarex Corporation, celebrating 51 years as an independent company, is headed by Chris D. Nebe. The Monarex team from (l-r): Chris – Amy – JJ.
Chris D. Nebe, President of Monarex Hollywood Corporation, has announced a slate of two feature films: Bodytalk and She Saw Red, which will be filmed in China with American and Chinese stars in English. Pre-production will commence in 2016. Nebe says: "We are currently in discussion with Chinese investment funds to fully fund these two cross-over movies based on original Hollywood screenplays. Having now written, produced & directed 17 documentaries for the internationally acclaimed and award-winning MYSTERIOUS CHINA Series, with DIAOYU ISLANDS - The Truth a huge unprecedented success, we have attracted the attention of Chinese entertainment funding sources."

Bodytalk is a romantic love story set in today's world of dance, written and to be directed by Chris D. Nebe, to be filmed in English entirely in China with Chinese and American stars. Bodytalk is a so-called "date movie" and targets the worldwide theatrical youth market.

She Saw Red is a supernatural thriller written by James Shepard, to be directed by JJ Osbun, to be filmed in English at a haunted colonial mansion in Shanghai. The female lead of the film will be a Hollywood star and the rest of the cast will be Chinese stars. This genre film is targeting the global theatrical youth movie market.

In addition, Monarex has developed The Barefoot Doctor with former Disney staff writer, Jack Vandagriff and Elaine Liu, a classic story of mankind's epic quest for survival. Two very unlikely adversaries - a young Chinese medic, a so-called Barefoot Doctor, and a Japanese Colonel play a game of chess, which will determine the survival of about 150 villagers during WWII in China.
Amy, Chris, and JJ Osbun shooting in China.
The Barefoot Doctor Nebe describes as "a mesmerizing screenplay and character driven film that has the potential to be nominated for a Best Foreign Film OSCAR nod" is being presented to top Chinese directors such as Ang Lee, Zhang Yimou, John Woo, Chen Kaige to be filmed in Chinese. Monarex is currently in discussion with a major Chinese studio to produce this film.

In 2016 Chris D. Nebe will begin production of the three feature films, financed and filmed in China and executive produced by Chen Xiaoxia.

About Monarex Hollywood Corporation
Chris D, Nebe founded Monarex Hollywood Corporation in 1978. The internationally acclaimed and award-winning writer, producer, director is a globetrotter, who speaks several languages with a lifelong keen interest in geopolitical affairs worldwide. Many of his documentaries reflect his commitment to human rights and environmental issues. Chris created, directed and produced the Mysterious China documentary series with most of the early productions filmed in the Golden West of China. This rural area is home to most of the 55 ethnic minorities of China with their traditions untouched. The Mysterious China series has now grown to 17 films, with more to come. Monarex has started production on an additional series focused on the industrialized East: China's Golden Cities, offering an introduction to famous cities of China. In 2016 he embarks on the production of three feature films fully funded in China, Bodytalk She Saw Red, and The Barefoot Doctor, and executive produced by Chen Xiaoxia.


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