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Evolutionary Highlights Let Me Go With Its Move
Into Thought-Provoking Films With Theatrical Appeal

Lucy Boynton stars in Let Me Go - Copyright Andrew Ogilvy Photography
London based Evolutionary Films, the sales and production company, have acquired international sales to the feature film Let Me Go, a moving drama starring BAFTA nominated Juliet Stevenson CBE (Bend it Like Beckham, Jodhi May (The Other Boleyn Girl), Lucy Boynton (Sing Street), Karin Bertling (Wallander) and Stanley Weber (The First Day of the Rest).

Let Me Go is based on the true story from the best-selling memoirs by Helga Schneider, directed by award-winning director Polly Steele and produced by Lizzie Pickering.

Director Polly Steele said: "The mother/daughter story has an inherent universal quality to it. When the maternal bond is damaged the scars run so deep that they can be passed down into following generations. It was this cascading down the generations that fascinated me, and particularly as a female director I wanted to explore the three different mother/daughter bonds."

Evolutionary Films CEO John Adams: "As Evolutionary Films grows as a company it is natural that our lineup of product matures with us. At this year's AFM we are aiming to challenge the expectations of our buyers with theatrical films that are truly engaging, thought-provoking and powerful. I'm extremely proud to represent Let Me Go, which is an intelligent and grown up drama that compels the audience to experience daunting horrors from the echoes of the past that rip through the relationships of four generations of a family. Polly, Lizzie and the team have delivered a magnificent film and I hope that we can continue to bring such high production value, quality titles to the international market."

Helga was abandoned by her mother in 1941 when she was four years old. Helga's mother had gone to join the Nazi SS where she underwent special training to qualify as a concentration-camp guard in Auschwitz. Let Me Go is set in the year 2000, following not only Helga and her mother's journeys but the next two generations of their family and the suffering they endure following revelations of long held secrets around the horrific events that took place over 70 years ago. Let Me Go is a film about mothers and daughters, about trans-generational family relationships, about ghosts from the past and the impact they leave on the present. It is a film about letting go of your past wounds and acknowledging how many generations it takes before the scars of trauma start to heal.

"It's not only my personal story. It's an authentic, direct, witnessing of the psychological, social and emotional tragedies suffered by all the children of war criminals," said Helga Schneider on whose life the story of the film is based.

Let Me Go features the first original film score from Radiohead's Philip Selway.

About Evolutionary Films
Evolutionary Films is a London based production, international sales and distribution company, actively engaged in co-production on a number of high quality film and television projects, and has a slate of in-house features in various stages of development and production which are financed internally. Evolutionary represents a strong catalogue of completed titles for international sales, and attends all the major film markets around the world including Berlin, Cannes, Toronto and Los Angeles.

The team behind Evolutionary Films have produced numerous award-winning titles and have a strong track record in delivering commercial quality features and television shows for worldwide audiences.


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