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Cinema Digitalization Digital Growth Fuels
Alternative Funding VPF Hub In Germany

In Time - Shot With Arriflex ALEXA Camera Digital
With room for growth in the German market of the digital screen sector, and potential for alternative source of financing for funding the digitlal 'move over', MACCS International the Dutch software company has announced the start of 'VPF Hub' in Germany. VPF Hub is an independent clearinghouse for VPF settlement that closes VPF contracts on behalf of participating cinemas in order to allow them to find co-financing for the installation of digital screens.

In the on-going process of cinema digitalization, the exhibitor market in Germany is currently divided in three groups: Cinemas committed to one of the Third Parties such as XDC, YMAGIS, Sony or Arts Alliance, secondly cinemas financed through the 'Kriterienkinos' subsidy scheme, and the remainder of mostly independent cinema owners that are not aligned to these two financing possibilities. VPF Hub was recently established by Dutch software company MACCS International to accommodate standardized access to VPF-refinancing for all types of cinemas.

"VPF Hub marks a major step forward in the roll-out of digital cinema in Germany", says Sven Andresen, director of the new company. "VPF Hub will establish standard VPF contracts with the distributors in Germany. Our aim is to provide the cinemas with the best possible financing options so any distributor is welcome to sign up with us."

Bert Huls, CEO of MACCS International, explains why they took the initiative to set up this new company: "We saw that an independent clearing house for the settlement of VPF's is indispensable for the German cinemas that cannot get their hands on private financing or subsidies on their own. Because we already have built a VPF calculator for the Dutch market, and we also have the technology for invoicing and financial settlement in place, we felt it was a logical step to set up a platform for the settlement of VPF's."

All though MACCS International will provide the technology, VPF Hub itself will be set up as a separate German based company. "Basically, MACCS will build the VPF calculator and the financial platform while VPF Hub will operate it. This means that the invoicing and the financial settlement between the distributors and cinemas will remain fully independent," according to Andresen.


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