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Feb. 8th

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EFM Opens With Added Exhibition Space At The
Marriott Hotel In Potsdamer Platz & The Value Of The
'Real Currency' In Our Business Personal Contact.
Beki Probst
The European Film Market (EFM) currently underway is off to a cracking start having firmly consolidated its position as the first market of the year with its Exhibition spaces sold since the first two weeks of December 2012 in the Martin-Gropius-Bau and the Marriott Hotel at Potsdamer Platz. For 2013 Exhibition space is expanded additionally on the first floor of the Marriott Hotel.

Under the direction of Beki Probst, the European Film Market has developed into an industry event geared to bring together independent companies from Europe and around the world to buy, sell, and discuss the different essential elements of the filmmaking process.

Collaboration with The Sundance Film Festival sidebar Straight From Sundance was a master stroke, which has grown since its inception and celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Having continuously expanded what it offers, this year's new initiative, American Independents In Berlin, is organized by Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP) and the Sundance Institute and will once again cater to independent US-American filmmakers.

From the offset, the European Film Market's overall objective has proceeded from the concept of a 'Film Fair' to the vision and reality that is the European Film Market. With typical modesty regarding the growth of the EFM under her management, Probst commented: "We are extremely pleased with the interest in our exhibition space that has increased even further in 2013. It is our goal to respond to the current trends and developments in the global industry and to tailor our offer accordingly. We also hope to continue to facilitate the dialogue among our market participants through the EFM's many different initiatives, which include EFM Industry Debates, Meet the Docs, and German Cinema - LOLA@Berlinale."

For the sixth consecutive year, the successful EFM Industry Debates will take place. The official partners of this industry event will again be IFA in cooperation with Screen International, The Hollywood Reporter and Variety. International experts will discuss current trends in the film and entertainment industry from tomorrow through to the 10th of February.

Meet the Docs, celebrating its fifth consecutive year, is a joint initiative between EFM and European Documentary Network (EDN). The main meeting point for the international documentary industry will again be in the Martin-Gropius-Bau. Meet the Docs works in close cooperation with the festival sections, which also screen several documentaries.

The series German Cinema - LOLA@Berlinale offers a look at selected films in the past year in German cinema. EFM participants and international buyers will be able to view films with English subtitles nominated for the German Film Award.

Noteworthy as the EFM experiences growth is the fact that both selling and buying patterns and habits have changed as a reflection of both the economy and technology. Both sectors of the equation are no longer attending ALL the markets. Sellers know that to be effective in their sales strategy at any of the markets they must have NEW product to offer or be in a position to offer new projects. Buyers, after acquiring 'their prime assets for the year', are sourcing other needed product through different avenues such as a company's website.

A company's website in the majority of instances is now a prime point of sourcing product. Moreover, it's the NEW business card. How your website is presented says as much about the company as a business card did in the 'old days' because today we can simply 'touch phones' to exchange information. Business cards, like the fax machine, are all but obsolete.

Studying the EFM list of companies attending reveals there are a number of new smaller independent companies and independents attending their first EFM. Some of the smaller companies with no NEW product who attended EFM in the past are skipping EFM and opting for Cannes, which completely makes sense.

For the larger independents, it's a different ball game. It's about firming or completing contracts, and the start of the year is the perfect time for the previous year's cycle of promoting and product positioning complete.

For everyone, EFM is about the personal contact that is so vital in our industry, if only for a few days, to re-establish long relationships, ferment new ones, and have the opportunity to continue to solidify the contacts that are 'the real currency' of the film and television business.

Nu Image - Maritim #10001   Red Granite Int. - Hyatt #242
Stealth Media - Marriott #252   Wonderphil - Marriott #107
The Little Film Company   Artist View - MGB #145
LBYL Films - Marriott #264   Hannibal Classics - Ritz-Carlton
TriCoast - Marriott #250   Screen Media - MGB #145

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