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Feb. 8th

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Beta Cinema Pick Up The Farewell Party &
Screen A Record Number Of Films At EFM

Turkish for Beginners
Just prior to the start of the Berlin Film Festival Beta Cinema has picked up worldwide sales rights to The Farewell Party, an Israeli-German co-production, written and directed by Sharon Maymon and Tal Granit.

The Farewell Party was produced by Pie Films Talia Kleinhendler and Osnat Handelsman-Keren, 2Team Productions Haim Mecklberg and Estee Yacov-Mecklberg, United King Films Moshe Edri and Leon Edri, and Pallas Film, Twenty Twenty Vision Filmproduktion Thanassis Karathanos.

The Farewell Party was supported by the Israeli Film Fund, the Jerusalem Film and Television Fund, MDM Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung, and Yes satellite television.

The Farewell Party is a compassionate dark comedy about friendship and knowing when to say goodbye. A group of friends at a Jerusalem retirement home build a machine for self-euthanasia in order to help their terminally ill friend. When rumors of the machine begin to spread, more and more people ask for their help, and the friends are faced with an emotional dilemma. The script was selected for the Talent Project Market at the Berlinale 2010 and won the Highlight Pitch Award.

Shooting has just wrapped, the film is currently in post-production. With a lineup consisting of one Competition entry and nine Market Premieres, Beta Cinema presents its biggest Berlinale slate to date for international buyers at EFM.
Beta Cinema headlines with the official selection in competition, the Romanian family drama Child's Pose.

The Market Premieres are headed by the multiple award-winning German tragic comedy Oh Boy, the German-Norwegian thriller drama Two Lives, the new Marc Rothemund film The Girl With Nine Wigs and the documentary Der Bernd on legendary producer-maverick Bernd Eichinger.
Family entertainment sequels Kokowääh Ii, The Famous Five Ii and The Adventures Of Huck Finn as well as the romantic comedies Freshly Squeezed and Turkish For Beginners, the most successful German film of the past year, round out the slate for international audiences.

Beta Cinema's Complete Offering at EFM:
Beta Cinema's complete offering at EFM is comprised of Child's Pose, the latest film by the internationally award winning Romanian director Călin Peter Netzer; Oh Boy, the directorial debut of Jan Ole Gerster which was one of the domestic art house and international festival surprises of the year. With 200,000 admissions from per screen averages in Germany (X-Verleih), Oh Boy has already received numerous accolades including two Bavarian Film Awards (Best Script, Best Actor) as well as the Best Film and Audience Awards at the Tallin Black Night Film Festival. Oh Boy was produced by Schiwago Film in coproduction with HR and ARTE.

The political thriller Two Lives (director: Georg Maas) stars Academy Award-nominee Liv Ullmann and Juliane Köhler (Nowhere In Africa), produced by Helgeland Film, Asta Film, Zinnober Film and B&T-Filmproduktion.

The Girl With Nine Wigs from Academy Award-nominee Marc Rothemund (Sophie Scholl: The Final Days) is based on the autobiographical bestseller by Sophie van der Stap, which was translated into 18 languages. The Goldkind Film production in coproduction with Scope Pictures and Degeto will be theatrically distributed in Germany by Universum on March 28.

The Constantin Film documentary Der Bernd pays homage to Germany's most successful producer, Bernd Eichinger. Produced by Constantin Executive Chairman Martin Moszkowicz, it was brought to the screen by Carlos Gerstenhauer, Friedrich Oetker, Stephanie Dresbach, Tanja Goll und Christine Rothe. Eichinger's companions and friends evoke a man who lived for film and with film as only few have done.

Covering Family entertainment Beta Cinema is screening three sequels at EFM. In Kokowääh Ii, following the box-office success of the first part with 4.3 million viewers in Germany alone, Warner is launching Part 2 just prior to the start of the Berlin Film Festival.

The big screen adaptation of the adventures of The Famous Five: George, Julian, Dick, Anne and their dog Timmy garnered over one million viewers in Germany alone, and was one of the most successful family entertainment films of 2012. In part 2 of the adaptation of Enid Blyton's international bestseller, the youngsters set out on a bicycling excursion and end up in a mysterious kidnapping case. A Sam Film in coproduction with Constantin Film.

In The Adventures Of Huck Finn, director Hermine Huntgeburth (Tom Sawyer, The White Masai) returns to the children's book classics of Mark Twain and depicts the perilous rafting trip on the Mississippi with Jacky Ido (The White Masai), August Diehl (The Counterfeiters, Salt) and Heike Makatsch (Love Actually). A Neue Schönhauser, Majestic, MMCI and Filmaufbau Leipzig, collaboration.

In Freshly Squeezed is directed by Christine Hartmann (Hanni&Nanni). The turbulent romantic comedy stars Tom Wlaschiha (Operation Valkyrie), Alexander Beyer (Goodbye Lenin!) and Jule Ronstedt (Almanya). A Ziegler Cinema in co-production with Buena Vista.

Turkish For Beginners, a Rat Pack film production, is the spin-off of the hit TV series of the same name. This culture-clash comedy is directed by Bora Dagtekin (Where Is Fred?) and stars Josefine Preuss and Elyas M'Barek (The Physician) in the lead roles.

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