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Honour Enhances 108 Media & Paladin Partnership

Expanding it's slate of films available for international buyers at EFM, 108 Media is handling worldwide sales in all territories outside of the UK for Honour, a contemporary British thriller starring Paddy Considine.

Honour is Shan Khan's feature debut, and is produced by Nisha Parti, and Jason Newmark. The film is based on Khan's Brit list screenplay. Honour was financed by CinemaNX Films for Isle of Man Film and Code Red Productions.

108 Media's CEO Abhi Rastogi said, "This talented filmmaking team has done a terrific job of making a gripping, high-concept thriller about a hot-button issue. I believe that Honour will resonate with audiences in every market around the world." Distribution partner Paladin president Mark Urman adds, "We have all read stories in the papers about this shocking phenomenon, but Honour takes it off the printed page, makes it flesh and blood, and gives it a racing pulse. I think press and public alike will be unusually interested in seeing this particular film at this moment in time."

Producer Nisha Parti, adds, "I am thrilled to be working with 108 on the International Sales for Honour. They completely understand the film and its market potential and have been both supportive and ambitious in their plans to support it through the next very crucial journey that it takes out there into the world market."

Honour is set in today's London and tells the gripping tale of a young woman, played by Aiysha Hart, whose family targets her for an honour killing and hires a bounty hunter (Considine Blitz, The Bourne Ultimatum, Dead Man's Shoes) to do the job.

Recently completed, 108 Media screens Honour at EFM. A North American theatrical release through 108 and its distribution partner, Paladin, is planned for late summer.

Other titles that 108 Media is handling at Berlin include And Now A Word From Our Sponsor, starring Parker Posey and Bruce Greenwood. The company opens Sponsor in North America on May 6th. Other forthcoming releases include Michel Gondry's The We And The I, which opens on March 8th, the Sundance-prize-winning drama, My Brother the Devil, which opens March 22nd, and Deepa Mehta's Midnight's Children, which opens in late April.

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