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Arkena Partners With Luc Besson's École de la Cité
To Provide Online Video Platform (OVP) Service
The 21st Century Model For Content Distribution
Luc Besson,                                            Arkena Logo                        Aurore Berardi
The Berlinale and other Film Festivals are part of the end game in the process for budding filmmakers, but where do they get their start? Luc Besson, director, writer, producer, is founder of The Ecole de la Cité which is located at the heart of the Cité du Cinéma, a one of a kind facility outside of Paris.

École de la Cité, Luc Besson's brainchild, is unique in that it was established as an environment where raw talent with passion can hone a craft, and the creativity and motivation of the candidates are the principal criteria for admission.

In setting in motion the steps that built The Ecole de la Cité, Besson said, "When I was 17 and eager to make movies, the entry requirement of every film school was a high school graduate's diploma and, often, at least two years in higher education. My desire and impatience meant there was no way I could wait. As a result, I started working in film way down the ladder as an unpaid intern on a short. The learning process was long and difficult. I often regretted not being able to study in a school where I could share my passion with people my age. I poured liters of coffee, Xeroxed an incalculable number of documents and carried tons of gear. It was sometimes hard and not always rewarding, but I can never thank enough all the technicians who kindly and patiently taught me my trade. I wanted to found the Ecole de la Cité so that passionate would-be filmmakers like I once was, who haven't found a place for themselves in the system, have an alternative."

The École de la Cité film school offers free directing and screenwriting courses to young and passionate people. Based on a recent deal Arkena, a TDF Group subsidiary, will provide the school teachers and students with its Online Video Platform (OVP) service.

This business-oriented platform is a service for uploading, managing and sharing video content. Through the online interface, the students will be able to share their video work with other students but also with the teachers, who could then select the best videos and publish them instantly on the school's website.

Aurore Berardi, Sales Executive at Arkena, says, "Our OVP platform is used by corporate customers, but also by content owners, such as HBO Nordics, which implemented it in its OTT service. It is important for us to support future filmmakers and to create a link between cinema and VOD, which is a growing content distribution model". Laurent Jaudon, director of the school, says that "The OVP is a professional tool that will improve the professional development of our students by enabling the promotion of their work towards the public. It also fits our project-based teaching methods, which are the DNA of the École de la Cité. The school is only one-year old, but it has already a lot of support from prestigious players".

The platform was made available to the students in January 2014, after several training sessions given by the Arkena team to the Technical Department of the school.

About the École de la Cité
The brainchild of Luc Besson, the Ecole de la Cité puts talent first. The creativity and motivation of candidates are the principal criteria for admission. Two courses are offered: screenwriting and directing. Teaching focuses on practical aspects. Internships and group work are a regular feature of the courses. Contact with the film industry and professionals is constant thanks to the school's location at the heart of the Cité du Cinéma. The courses are free of charge. No academic qualifications are necessary for admission. The purpose is to give talents from all horizons a chance to express themselves to ensure the diversity of movie output tomorrow. www.ecoledelacite.com

About Arkena
Arkena is one of Europe's leading media services companies. It supports its customers (broadcasters, telecom operators, VOD platforms, content owners) in managing their linear and on-demand workflows, whatever the level of complexity and scale. With a presence in 8 European countries and the USA, Arkena serves more than 1500 customers. Technological excellence, trust and quality are the key values for Arkena. Our award-winning solutions focus on transparency for the customers and simplicity for the end-users. Arkena was created in 2014 out of Cognacq-Jay Image, PSN, QBrick and SmartJog and is part of the TDF Group.

About The Cité du Cinéma
The Cité du Cinéma opened in Saint-Denis in the Summer of 2012. One of a kind in Europe, this 62,000 sq. meter facility on the outskirts of Paris will serves a dual purpose: - to bring together on one site everybody who makes a movie possible from screenwriters to post-production people and distributors, and, of course, set designers and on-set technicians; - to provide state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to professionals. The Cité du Cinéma consists of 9 sound sets designed to meet professionals' every need, 12,000 sq. meters of dedicated technical units (dressing rooms, editing suites, paint and carpentry workshops, camera and lighting shops, etc.) and 2,200 sq. meters of screening and reception rooms. The Cité du Cinéma also has its own restaurant, gym and stores.


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