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Dieter Kosslick & His Team At The Berlinale - Masters Of
The Curation Of The Art Of Film - In Its Many Aspects From Conception To Delivery To An Awaiting Public & Attendees

Dieter Kosslick, Director of the Berlinale
It's that time of the year again when I get rosy cheeks and look forward to attending the Berlinale. My boo teases me that it must be Berlin time. "Your cheeks are a dead giveaway. "What is so special about Berlin?" he always chimes. He enjoys films, but he does not love the process from head to toe as I do – so how can he fully comprehend?!

When you are in an amourous state, either at its basest form at it most spiritual, it is the simplicity of joy that makes your heart sing with delight - and attending Berlin does that to me each year.

Each February, Dieter Kosslick and his team never fail in curating the programme choice across all sections of the Berlinale that continue to ignite my underlying passion for the art of film. All year, my anticipation sits below the surface as I enjoy all the other events on the film industry calendar - waiting for Berlin - and this year has not failed in its mission.

Hard to believe it was 10 years ago that I attended a panel discussion including one of my favourite films, Babette's Feast, at the "Hunger, Food & Taste" workshop of the 4th Berlinale Talent Campus, which discussed the relationship between food and film. I was introduced to the Slow Food Movement and have not looked back - in my eating habits and learning about the importance of the "good, clean, fair" formula: good taste, clean without pesticides, and fair pay for the many small farmers across the globe who depend on our supporting them by our choice of what, when, and how we eat throughout the year. It is wonderful that Alice Waters and Carlo Petrini will be honored with the Berlinale Camera at the kickoff of Culinary Cinema, now a staple on the table of the Berlinale Feast.

At each section of the Berlinale programme, one senses the combined and engulfing interest, the passion, and the enjoyment of bringing to the Festival a huge variety of films laced with pure cinematic pleasure to suit every taste. I conjure up visions of the heads of the sections and their team - all gathered around a table discussing the permits of the programme – as each section stands alone - and as an autonomous part of the entirety – that stands together in cinematic harmony with the sole intent of exceeding the expectations of an eager public and attendees - and each year they succeed.

In October last year, Dieter Kosslick, the Director of the Berlinale, was awarded the IEF Innovation Prize in recognition of his cultural achievements that promote Germany's international reputation.

Under the patronage of Federal Finance Minister Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble, and dedicated to various aspects of the worldwide globalisation process, the awards ceremony was held at the 4th International Economic Forum Baden-Baden under the theme "Globalisation: value(less)?" IEF Congress initiator Reinhard Hofmann remarked regarding the Innovation Prize: "As the Director of the Berlinale and its inspiring force, but also as the former Vice President of the European Film Academy EFA, Dieter Kosslick has done extraordinary work for the reputation of German film." Dieter Kosslick commented: "I thank the IEF for this honourable distinction. It confirms my credo that culture and economy are not opposites, and that culture shapes the image of a country and its international reputation." Actress Maria Furtwängler made the speech in honour of Dieter Kosslick.

The Business of Film, celebrating its 35th year in 2015, adds its congratulations to Dieter Kosslick. His comment and the sentiment behind that thought is one of the many reasons I adore attending Berlin. The sensation I feel when I am at Berlin is that we are in a sea of humanity and the water we all swim in is the creative process of film and the art of film, the 21st Century visual communicator. ET.

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