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The Escape Starring Rick Mayall Headlines Film
Slate From Mountain Road Entertainment At EFM

Sjef Scholte, CEO & Danielle Raaphorst, International Sales - Mountain Road Entertainment
Mountain Road Entertainment Group is the European-based production and international sales distribution entity headed by Sjef Scholte, CEO. Danielle Raaphorst works with Scholte and also handles International Sales and attends the European Film Market with a slate of five new films headlined by The Escape starring Isa Hoes and English comedian Rick Mayall and directed by Ineke Houtman.  The company for the first time has two films: Confetti Harvest based on the novel by Franca Treur, directed by Tallulah H. Schwab; and Nena, directed by Saskia Diesing, both screening in the Generation 14+ section of the Berlinale.

Scholte’s Mountain Road Entertainment forged an alliance with Danielle Raaphorst’s production company Incredible Films to bring new projects that will appeal to an international market through the foreign sales arm of the Group. Scholte commented: “We are very excited about The Escape starring Rick Mayall, which was his last film. Mayall has a huge following, and during Berlin we will have a Trailer subtitled  in English available to view for buyers. We currently have a number of films in various stages of production, and our goal is to bring at least one new production to each of the markets we attend as our production rooster matures.”

Mountain Road Entertainment emerged in 2010 under founder Sjef Scholte’s leadership, and has built its success on producing and releasing Dutch- and Flemish-spoken movies and television productions, together with a management team which started with the re-release of a classic TV series and gained momentum and secured a strong foothold for local language distribution in the Dutch territory. Two years ago, having established and proven what works in the local market, the company looked to the future and formed an alliance with Incredible Films to produce and sell projects that would appeal to the international market.

The Escape - Rick Mayall & Isa Hoes
Scholte continued: "We take pride in making our international sales a team effort. Together with our international clients and our producers, we make sure that we can deliver a tailored product that combines quality and great production value."

At each section of the Berlinale programme, one senses the combined and engulfing interest, the passion, and the enjoyment of bringing to the Festival a huge variety of films laced with pure cinematic pleasure to suit every taste. I conjure up visions of the heads of the sections and their team - all gathered around a table discussing the permits of the programme – as each section stands alone - and as an autonomous part of the entirety – that stands together in cinematic harmony with the sole intent of exceeding the expectations of an eager public and attendees - and each year they succeed.

About Mountain Road Group & Incredible Films
The Mountain Road Group and Incredible Films alliance has produced five successful feature films based on books by popular Dutch author Carry Slee. Sjef Scholte and Danielle Raaphorst draw from their extensive experience in the business to focus mainly on (co-) productions of films and TV series, both in creative development and funding.

Mountain Road Productions maintain a unique local flavor with universal themes. Drawing on Scholte's extensive experience in releasing quality product, in the domestic market, the company ensures that materials are of the highest standard and easy to use in marketing the company's products in their individual territory.

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Nu Image - Maritim Presidential Suite #10001

Day 1 - February 5th
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