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A Secured Niche In A Competitive International Arena

Danielle Raaphorst, chief executive of Incredible Film
Danielle Raaphorst, chief executive of Incredible Film, attends the European Film Market (EFM) with two new films: Scream Week and Fashion Chicks added to the stable of Dutch films the company represents for the international marketplace. An established executive, co-producer, and producer with producing credits since 2005, her most recent successes include Madly In Love and The Escape.

Raaphorst launched Incredible Film in 2009 to expand her work as an independent producer, and together with Sjef Scholte of Mountain Road Entertainment segued into international sales. Raaphorst said: "Our catalogue of films are well produced family, drama, and romantic comedy films which are produced for the Dutch market, perform well and recoup in the domestic market. Along with our producers I believe that films are an instrument, so our films often feature a message. The teenage drama films Painkillers,Regret, Nena, Confetti Harvest, alongside their commercial component, carry a message which the audience can relate to – as an example bullying, which is a universal subject – and as a result these teenage films travel well. With the expectations of the Dutch theatrical audience, all the films have high production values that compete well with similar fare in the international marketplace."

Over the last few years Incredible Film has carved out a niche and cultivated a family of international buyers, across television, video and VOD, and emerging platforms in the international marketplace. Raaphorst added: "VOD continues to be a learning curve, but is strong and growing in Latin America, Eastern Europe and North America. As an independent company we are experiencing steady growth based on the reputation and the commerciality of the films, well developed storylines, production values, and backdrop of our Dutch scenery."

Incredible Film represents a roster of top Dutch production companies including Farmhouse Film & TV Production, Nijenhuis & Co, Shooting Star Film Company, Eyeworks Film & TV Drama, Sigma Pictures, Key Film, Fu Works, Column Film, In the Air, Just Productions, 2CFilm and Steven de Jong Films.

As a producer Danielle Raaphorst is currently developing three projects: Broken, a thriller based on a Dutch novel by Linda Jansma; a children's movie; and a thriller/crime television series.

Since July 1st 2015, Sjef Scholte of Mountain Road Entertainment has concentrated on his production activities and representation of all the films in the catalogue are now under the Incredible Film banner. For the first time at EFM Incredible Film is based at its own booth in the MGB No.156.


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Day 1 - February 11th
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