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Editorial Comment - Elspeth Tavares
At Society's Core In The 21st Century
The Question Of Moral Fibre.
The world in 2017 is in turmoil. At every turn, the democratically elected by the populace are challenged by the privileged few powered by money.

In the UK the populace voted for Brexit, in America the populace voted for Donald Trump - yet today that decision by the ordinary man/woman in the street is being questioned by the privileged few irrespective of how they got to be where they assume they are on what some perceive as society's ladder – the social climber's avenue to a void made of money.

Money as a commodity has become a drug for the priviliged few – there is something morally obscene about the statistic that eight billionaires have riches equivalent to the same wealth as half the world.

Donald Trump - Courtesy @realDonaldTrump, Bashar Al Asad - Courtesy @BashAssad, Vladimir Putin - Courtesy @PutinRF_Eng
The turmoil in play across the world is not solely attributed in isolation to Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Bashar al-Assad, or the 8 billionaires,( each must look to his own moral fibre) but can be attributed to the lack of moral fibre in the collective that is today's society.

The core of an individual and an individual as he/she lends him /or herself to 'individual conduct' becomes 'society'.

In viewing films for BAFTA awards, three brilliant films that address the question of the moral fibre at society's core barely got a look in the door of recognition as films that reflect society and where society is reflected in film.

Miss Sloane – an exceptional performance by Jessica Chastain playing a female lobbyist in the corrupt corridors of Washington. Whilst ambition enthralled her to win – her basic instinct demonstrated her moral fibre.

Captain Fantastic – an awesome look at life surrounded by nature and a snapshot of parents with the strength of moral fibre to choose and fight to demonstrate and preserve for their children a different way of life based on the ability to think outside of doctrine and consider the thoughts of Noam Chomsky.

Loving - an incredible films on all levels - a loving interracial couple who challenged the Supreme Court in the United States in the '50s because they were simply in love. Based on a true story, a couple called Loving both of whom were endowed with morale fibre demonstrated the power of love.

The question is why these films are not given more exposure. It's argued that its question of money to spend on the campaign. I argue not – I argue it is because each of these films, at its core, challenge the question of 'society's morale fibre' - it touches close to home – makes the privileged few feel threatened that something so simple can yield so much power.

As an award-winning journalist I am appalled at the media's treatment of Donald Trump – the reporting is stilted, one-sided, and lacks moral fibre to do what journalist should do, report facts – not sensationalized convoluted fiction to sell newspapers. In my personal opinion the manner in which the media are treating Trump is simply wrong. I am not an American, I am not for or against Trump – but for what is fair.

Ivanka Trump - Businesswoman and Mother - Courtesy @IvankaTrump
Give the man a chance - he has the will of the people whether it's liked or not by the privileged few. The woman smirking, proud that she started the campaign to end selling Ivana Trump's merchandise in Nordstrom a leading USA retailer for the ordinary man woman and child in the street in my opinion is in the wrong. What gives her the right – to damage an individual based on name association? She is fortunate to live in a country where freedom of speech exists! My hope is that Ivanka Trump will fight back with social media and reach out to women in America who like what she creates.


Nu Image - Millennium EFM 2017

Day 1 - February 9th
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