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Red Rock Entertainment Positioned
Solidly Behind British Filmmakers

Gary Collins, CEO Red Rock Entertainment
Red Rock Entertainment headed by CEO and Managing Director Gary Collins attending Berlinale and EFM, is one of only a handful of UK based film finance companies, offering Gap, Equity and financing though the EIS scheme. Collins' mandate for Red Rock Entertainment is specifically geared to UK based production companies to underpin and support the British film industry through local and co-production projects with European partners. Red Rock focuses on film and TV projects that have a commercial appeal, an identifiable audience, moderately low and controllable costs and a sound financial structure. During EFM, Collins will be meeting British producers with projects seeking that last tranche of financing.

Timothy Spall - Stanley A man Of Variety
The critically acclaimed award winning film Stanley A Man Of Variety starring Timothy Spall was co- financed, by Red Rock Entertainment. Stanley A Man Of Variety is currently on the prestigious Festival circuit, and has already garnered awards, including the Edgeware Outstanding Achievement Award at the UK Film Festival, Nov 2016 for Spall for his performance in the film, and the film also won the Diamond Award for Best Narrative Feature – at the California Film Awards. Stanley A Man Of Variety, will open the Manchester Film Festival 2017 (early March) and have its Irish Premiere and close the Dingle Film Festival at the end of that month. Directed by Stephen Cookson, the film tells the story of Stanley, a passionate admirer of classic British comedy, who has been sent to prison for a crime he believes he didn't commit. After years in solitary, the increasingly delusional Stanley begins to talk to his comedy heroes from the past. Stanley is a captivating psychological mystery in which Spall plays 16 different parts. Stanley A Man of Variety is produced by Peter Keegan for Red Rock Entertainment.

The late John Hurt in That Good Night
Projects Red Rock Entertainment has financed include the late John Hurt's film That Good Night, costarring Charles Dance for which the company raised financing. In That Good Night, Hurt brilliantly and poignantly portrays a famous screenwriter coming to terms with his impending death. Directed by Eric Styles from a screenplay Charles Savage, Sofia Helin Erin Richards Max Brown, Noah Jupe, and Joana Santos, rounds out a stellar cast.

Madness in the Method is Jason Mewes directorial debut. The comedy is written by Dominic Burns and Chris Anastasi and stars Jason Mewes, Danny Trejo, Matt Willis, Kevin Smith, Blake Harrison, Teri Hatcher, Stan Lee, Dean Cain, Vinnie Jones, Casper Van Dien, Judd Nelson, Mickey Gooch, and Gina Carano. Film plots the only way to survive in Hollywood is to toughen up, or embrace insanity! At least that's the advice Kevin Smith passes on to his best friend Jason Mewes, problem is, Smith was joking about the latter… Madness in the Method is scheduled to wrap shortly.

Scheduled for a May 2017 release is Genesis The Fall of Eden is a sci-fi film jointly written and directed by Bartolomeo Ruspoli and Freddie Hutton, and stars John Hannah, Warren Brown Chike Okonkwo and Olivia Grant. The last remnants of humanity live in an underground research facility, where A.I. lifeforms are being created to aid mankind in it's recovery of the world. But when one A.I. escapes the facility, Eve Gabriel, the lead scientist, makes a shocking discovery, one that will lead her to question her fate, her purpose and her humanity.

Some in the British film industry question whether film production in the UK and Europe will be vastly impacted by the decision of the populace in the UK who voted to exit the EU, where many localized subsidies exist for film companies based in European countries. At a recent Finance Summit held in London in the last quarter of 2016, which addressed the question of Brexit and its effect on film production in the UK and Europe, Gary Collins, a guest speaker on the panel along with other financiers, said: "I don't really have a problem with change. I think the biggest governing body over everything is the marketplace. I think the marketplace will adjust and there will be business as normal. What it will do is create different opportunities, some maybe bigger, some maybe smaller, but I don't think it will be the nail in the coffin."

About Red Rock Entertainment
Red Rock Entertainment is based at Elstree Studios, Borehamwood United Kingdom. Working in conjunction with a number of UK production companies to raise equity for film, TV programmes and film distribution, Red Rock Entertainment offer a number of tax efficient investment opportunities. Red Rock Entertainment primarily works on projects that are at an advanced stage and are looking for the final amount of financing.


Nu Image - Millennium EFM 2017

Day 1 - February 9th
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