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May 16th
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The Poverty Of Modern Architecture Stems From
An Atrophy Of Sensuality Ellen Gray Story
Springs To Life From Filmmaker Mary McGurkian

Mary McGuckian
Crowd Funding is a tool that is used for a variety of project financing from schools for the underprivileged to its most 'sexy' financing of independent film projects. It's in the area of film funding that 'innovation' knows no bounds. Filmmaker Mary McGuckian's EG Film Productions Limited, Lightstream Pictures and Saga Film, which produced the Eileen Gray movie titled The Price Of Desire, partnered to complete restoration work on Eileen Gray's iconic Villa E1027 by fundraising through Kickstarter. Lightstream Pictures and Pembridge Pictures are partners in EG Film Productions Limited, which has developed and financed the 9,000,000 feature film, The Price Of Desire. Currently in pre-production is an IrishBelgian co-production with Saga Film. The film is scheduled to shoot on location from mid-May 2013, in part at Eileen Gray's historic Villa E1027, with the permission of all the authorities responsible for the restoration and management of this historic site. In cooperation with Mary Mc Gurkian, The Business of Film illustrates the innovative thinking outside the box of the Kickstarter fundraiser and reprints a reformatted and edited version of the package sent out to potential investors.

Make History And Be A Hero Of Modernism
"The poverty of modern architecture stems from an atrophy of sensuality." Eileen Gray

The Film Project
The Price Of Desire A Narrative Feature Film By Mary McGuckian The Price Of Desire is the controversial story of how Eileen Gray's influential contribution to 20th Century architecture and design was almost entirely effaced from history by the egotistical Le Corbusier, and of how her relationship with philanderer Jean Badovici (Le Corbusier's promoter by way of his highly influential architectural publication L'Architecture Vivante ) further fuelled the rift between the two architects, both personally and professionally, thus consigning her legacy to a century of neglect and long-overdue recognition. The film is set substantially in and around her most abiding work, the Villa E1027, now recognized by many as the first Modernist house ever constructed, and explores the details surrounding Le Corbusier's effacement, defacement and eventual erasure of Gray's very ownership of the actual physical house, thus establishing a more than pertinent metaphor for her loss of intellectual property right (or 'Droit Moral') over the villa she so lovingly created. The insidious re-attribution by omission of the villa by the chauvinistic men in her life strips Gray of her right to be recognized as the author of her own work  a telling story which resonates with women in the arts even today.

EG Film Productions Limited, Lightstream Pictures and Saga Film would like to invite you to participate with us in the final stages of the scientific and historical permanent restoration of one of the first Modernist houses ever built  Eileen Gray's iconic Villa E1027 in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, on the Ctte d'Azur in France. Whether you're mad about modern architecture or an avid film fan or both, your patronage of this project will be a heroic gesture rewarded by a unique personalized memento from the film recognizing your contribution to the restoration of this most important 20th Century monument to modern architecture and acknowledging that you have participated in preserving it for posterity.

The Project's Goal
The Project's goal is to augment the Art Department budget for the film in order to make a permanent and constructive contribution to the restoration effort and complete the works according to the specialists' requirements, all the while serving the needs of the film. Without this addition to our Art Department budget, the film would simply be served with superficial and temporary Art Department decoration, which would unfortunately in no way aid the permanent historical restoration effort. As we endeavour to tell the story of the intriguing and elusive designer/architect Eileen Gray on film, we find ourselves with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to contribute to and ensure the timely completion of the restoration work on E1027, which was undertaken by the French Historic Monuments authorities nearly 5 years ago. In addition, the restoration work will be closely followed by and featured in an accompanying documentary entitled Gray Matters. Both films intend to elucidate, reinvigorate and duly recognize Eileen Gray's extraordinary contribution to a century of Modern architecture and design.

About The Villa E1027
The Villa E1027 was the work of a woman at the height of her creative career. Originally conceived and constructed during the years 1926-29 for Jean Badovici, an architect himself and editor-in-chief of the avant-garde architectural publication L'Architecture Vivante, the villa is utterly unique in its ability to bring pure human sensibility and sensuality to the basic tenets of Modern architecture of the period championed by Le Corbusier. This subtle subversion of Le Corbusier's vision, no doubt in many ways a comment on the Swiss architect's conviction that a house should be no more than "a machine for living," would result in a tumultuous history for the Villa E1027: many long years of misattribution and periods during which the very existence of this architectural masterpiece would be seriously compromised. Today, rightfully recognized as the work of Eileen Gray and an icon of Modern architecture, the villa has been painstakingly repatriated and is currently undergoing restoration work under the supervision of the French cultural authorities. The site is expected to be opened to the public later this year. Concurrently, the production team behind the international feature film inspired by the life of Eileen Gray, The Price Of Desire, has sought permission to shoot part of the film on the original site of E1027. The team is delighted to have recently received the endorsement of all the relevant authorities to do so, as well as their collaboration in the effort required to complete the restoration in time for shooting.

Contributions To This Project
Your contribution to this project represents a direct contribution to the historic and scientific restoration of the villa and of the site (both interior and exterior) as Eileen Gray originally conceived them, as well as to the preservation of their historic evolution over the course of the villa's existence  the very story told by The Price Of Desire. In this way, the film will in a sense be giving back to Eileen Gray, to the actual historical site of E1027, and to the public at large by contributing to the permanent long-term restoration work of this historically significant piece of Modern architecture, so that it can finally be opened to the public later in the year.

The film's producers and production designers, including Academy Award nominated) Anne Seibel, are in full consultation with the architects who have been overseeing the restoration of E1027 and its surrounding site. A joint project for the completion of the work has already been negotiated. We the producers, along with the film's production designers, seek to involve the public for whom this restoration is intended in the final stages of that work with this Kickstarter project. We sincerely hope that by appealing to those for whom the preservation of architectural heritage is important and to those who wish to see Eileen Gray receive the recognition she deserves, we will raise at least the minimum of funds necessary to make a substantial contribution to the restoration of this architectural triumph and thus better visualize the extraordinary story of her phenomenal contribution to 20th Century Modern architecture and design with a credible level of cinematographic verisimilitude in The Price Of Desire.

About The Production - Funding Status
The film's finance is fully closed and cash-flowed with participation from Ireland, The Irish Film Board, Allied Irish Bank, Lightstream Pictures And Windmill Lane Pictures; Lightstream Pictures and Pembridge Pictures' special purpose vehicle, Eg Film Productions Limited, is the delegate production company in Co-Production with Saga Films in Belgium. The Belgian participation also includes Film Fortis Fund Bnp, Audiovisual Sgr and Cofiloisirs. International distribution arrangements will be handled by three major companies in the US, Canada, and France.

The Budget
The current Art Department budget for the film has been funded sufficiently to meet the needs of the film. Our preference is to substantially enhance the Art Department budget in order to contribute permanently to the restoration of the site with work of the quality and exactitude required by the expert authorities responsible for the restoration. Any additional funds raised by this project will also be allocated to the Art Department so that it can contribute more substantially to both the restoration of the overall site and the rendering of the site cinematically in the film. This would not only increase the production value of the film, but also greatly enhance the future life of the entire Villa E1027/Cafe Des Etoiles de Mer/Cabanon Le Corbusier Historical Site.

For more details and to make a contribution go to: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/181497592/eileen-gray-villa-e1027-maison-en-bord-de-mer?ref=email

Summary Timeline of Life of E1027
1926-29 - Eileen Gray designs and builds E1027 in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin for Jean Badovici
1931-35 - Eileen Gray designs and builds Tempe a Pailla, a house for herself in Castellar; she leaves E1027
1938-40 - Le Corbusier paints eight large-scale overtly sexual frescoes on the walls of E1027
1952 - Le Corbusier builds his Cabanon next to E1027
1956 - Badovici dies; E1027 is inherited by his sister, a nun in Romania
1958 - The Romanian government offers the house at public auction
1960 - Marie-Louise Schelbert purchases E1027 at auction at the bidding of Le Corbusier
1965 - Le Corbusier dies of a heart attack during his daily swim in the waters just in front of E1027
1982 - Dr. Kaegi claims title to E1027 by bequest after the death of Marie-Louise Schelbert
1991- Dr. Kaegi sells 28 pieces of furniture from the villa at a Sotheby's auction in Monaco - The Pompidou Centre (Musie National d'Art Moderne, Paris) pre-empts the purchase of some of the more important proto-types
1996 - Dr. Kaegi is violently murdered by a gardener after a dispute 1996-99 - Left empty for several years, the villa is overtaken by squatters and vandalized
1999 - The Conservatoire Du Littoral, a public entity concerned with the preservation of the French coastline, purchases the property
2000 - The villa, its garden and the surrounding land are classified as Historic Monuments by national decree on March 27th 2000
RECENTLY - The Conseil Ginirale undertakes the restoration project with the commune Roquebrune-Cap-Martin Alpes-Maritimes
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