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Where Others Have Ventured The 69th
Festival De Cannes Goes Boldly Beyond

Festival De Cannes
The 69th Cannes Festival de Film has ploughed into the digital era with a brand new website: www.festival-cannes.com. The Cannes Film Festival was from memory the first Festival website to be available in 8 international languages. Kudos to the organization for now boldly going where others have ventured - but the Festival de Cannes has gone beyond. Opening its url to the global insignia is a good move, making it easier to find, and signalling an international 'mindset' beyond the borders of .fr

Quote: "In 2016, the Festival de Cannes has decided to carry out a complete revamp of our digital media. By the time the makeover is complete in 2017, we aim to be able to offer cinema professionals and moviegoers a brand new web environment that will reflect the latest graphical and ergonomic trends."

Throughout the Festival and market the overall commercial theme is the digital revolution that is running commerce, and our lives. Whilst the innovation of what the technology can achieve is evident, one wonders whether in our race to embrace this necessary evolution - that is fueled essentially by conglomerate corporate greed - and our never-ending desire for more commodities that are made to NOT last - are we killing our humanity? Does the perpetual birth of newer and newer digital technology and equipment means the death of humanity as we know it?

The answer on a level has to be yes. The mobile phone has become an appendage of the human body. I am amazed how folk walk around iPhone in hand - bumping into each other - and never a 'sorry' - it seems that those with 'mobile phones in hand' live in a world where everyone outside that world is invisible to them. The extension of this reality is the advent of virtual reality. In our magazines coverage at Cannes in tomorrow's issue an article looks at the advancement in VR. Intro below

The Next Infinite Evolution In The Digital Revolution
Another Giant Step For Humanity - Virtual Reality
The digital revolution has been a giant step to humankind in the 21st Century. The societal impact has revolutionized and transformed all aspects of humanity, commerce and communication. Virtual reality (VR) is the Next Evolution in this 21st Century medium, which will boldly take us to frontiers not yet known and orchestrate boundless scenarios that will captivate our imaginations.
From birth for the current millennials (those born between 1980 and 2000), the digital revolution has integrated into a world and society known and almost exclusively conquered by them, and they interconnect and communicate on the internet and digitally in ways beyond recognition to the baby boomers (people between 52 and 70 years old).
The millennial is the demographic that commerce at all levels and in every sector is targeting. Content is king, and the millennials are the kings and queens of the digital society. The early adaptors of virtual reality are in the PC video game market sector, and the major film companies are grabbing the tail of this digital beast and embarking on the distribution and production of content. Lionsgate in the last month announced working with Valve where 1,200 titles from its library will be available via this new portal. There are many structural hurdles to overcome, in the early days of this emerging era, however it's just a question of time before full-length feature films in virtual reality become a reality.
This technology is moving faster than almost any other to date. The Next Pavilion at the Marche du Film is devoted to the topic of VR in 2016.
One wonders in 2017, could we be walking round having a VR Festival experience - or staying at home having the virtual reality experience of the Festival?

Festival De Cannes Poster © Lagency / Taste (Paris) / Le Mépris © 1963 StudioCanal - Compagnia Cinematografica Champion S.P.A. - All rights reserved

Contact  During  Cannes  2016  -  Riviera  Stand D7

Nu Image - Millennium
CANNES 2016 - RIVIERA Stand F1

Day 1 - May 11th
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