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The New Ultra Tech Savvy Generation
The New Ultra Tech Savvy Generation
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Programming from pre-school to the youth audience continues to hold a pole position in production and broadcasting. But is there a shift as yet undetermined that is being generated by the subtle demands of the age demographics, which starts as young as one year of age? That is the subject of this brief comment!

Putting aside the merits and/or concerns as to whether a child as young as one year old should have access to an iPhone or iPad, waiting at a bus stop recently I was enthralled to see a child in his stroller not more than one year old deftly handling his OWN iPhone. His mother was busy chatting on another – let's not go into socioeconomic profiling, we will leave that for another day. What was startling and at the time intriguing was the child was perfectly happy and content one moment, but then began to scream very loudly the next. After a good few minutes (yes, minutes), the mother interrupted her conversation to address the child, whose voice was now a symphony of hyperventilating yelps. She bent down to him – two seconds later he was a happy camper once again.

Fascinated, I struck up conversation with the mother – to discover that this less than one year old child specifically liked xyz, and because he could not as yet find his way back to xyz, he yelled to attract his mother's attention to get him back to his CHOICE of viewing (let's not address the needs of a child and social etiquette engineering from the cradle to the grave).

At the recent PEVE conference in London, we heard how the internet is being increasily used to 'drive audience share' to 'curate content' and that this was now a dominant factor in programming content for consumption to an audience that wants content when, where, and how they wish to view it.

Up until recently the selection of content has predominantly been 'subjective,' based on the buyer's taste or his predetermined model of his network. Today, through technology, the audience is interactively deciding what it wants to view.

The gap between the creation of an idea to production, as we are aware, can be a long process. Some programming available today clearly is already geared to these new statistics based on and available from the interconnectivity and interactivity of the new distribution platforms offered by the internet.

The 21st century question to ponder is this: in the world of 4K, and ultra HD, how long will it be before more and more of what we produce as content will be based on the ultra tech savvy consumer as young as one year old?


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Day 1 - october 11th
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