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Sourcing The Richness Of Africa's Music And Mother Nature
The Mafusi Trilogy Is Seeking Co-Production Partners

Yanaisi Cisneros, CEO and President, Makbo Entertainment S.L. - Dada, A character from The Mafusi Trilogy - Camilo Escárraga, Co-Founder Insert Coin Animation Studios, Makbo Group (Makbo Entertainment & Insert Coin Animation) Co-Director
Based in Spain, Makbo Entertainment S.L. was founded in 2014 by CEO and President Yanaisi Cisneros, who is also the creator of The Mafusi Trilogy with which the company opened its animation department, in conjunction with Insert Coin Animation Studios, based in Colombia.

Currently seeking co-production partners, the mandate of the Makbo Group is to create a brand that has longevity using as a backdrop the richness of the African Continent.

Yanaisi Cisneros said: "Mafusi is a musical project created for the family to dance and sing to. It is an educational and entertaining television series that teaches kids about musical instruments and their history.

The three part animation series is geared to children 0 to 3 years, 4 to 7 years and 8 to 12 years. With each series the child will acquire learning and a complete experience and understanding of mysterious Africa through humor and music.

The Trilogy series is broken down into: Mafusi and the Floating Oasis (0-3), Mafusi and The Magical Portals (4-7), and Mafusi and the Guardians (8-12). The Mafusi adventures unfold in the environment of Africa, using its beautiful nature habitat, in the script, colors, embracing, illustrating and protecting its cultural identity. Africa as a continent has a rich artistic stream of contemporary music, and the series will be a showcase to demonstrate the vibrancy of Africa's music interwoven into the stories. Music has a soul that permeates into all age groups, and the series will capture an audience, among those that are attuned to the richness of Africa and those yet to discover this vast, beautiful and diverse landscape.

Makbo Entertainment currently has seven original projects in development. Yanaisi Cisneros is at MIPJunior and MIPCOM seeking financing and partners for the development of The Mafusi Trilogy.

The Mabko Group is comprised of Makbo Entertainment and Insert Coin Animation. Camilo Escárraga is co-founder of Insert Coin Animation Studios and co-director of Makbo Entertainment. The company embraces three business lines: audiovisual content, the Studio and interactive elements with its brand development. Mudig is the company's transmedia project currently in development.


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