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The Technological Revolution: JCC Creates A
Pan-Arab Platform For Arab Children Of The 21st Century


Nawaf Al Temyat & Dr. Essam Heggy - Doha Studio
Al Jazeera Children's Channel's (JCC) has created a pan-Arab media organization to reach Arab children and young people across the world. The Platform encompasses four separate but interconnected entities that include JeemTV, for Arab children 7- 12 years old, and Baraem TV, the preschool channel for children 2- 6 years old, Taalam.tv, the first Video-On-Demand (VOD) educational portal, and Siwar, the JCC children's choir, that provides the opportunity for talented youngsters from 9 to 16 years old to express themselves through singing.

Recognizing that the technological revolution plays a big part on the screen as a learning tool in an entertaining manner, JeemTV has developed in-house shows for children between the ages of 7 to 12, that promote good behavior and contribute to problem solving such as Anbar Show, The News, and Shashatech, which allows viewers to stay in touch with state-of-the-art technology, media, and entertainment. Noun is an entertaining original program through which girls and families will get the opportunity to explore new ideas and topics. To broadly prepare the audience for a wider appreciation of other cultures, in addition, through collaboration with companies such as Disney Channel and BBC, JeemTV has acquired new shows, including BBC's Deadly 360 and Deadly 60 and Andy's Wild Adventures, as well as Disney's The Emperor's New School, Zeke and Luther, and Kim Possible.

Anbar Show
Acting Executive General Manager and Board Member of JCC, Haya bint Khalifa Al Nassr, said: "JCC is leading a change at the heart of the business. As a continuation of the QF's mission we are evolving the brand and continuing to uphold the excellence by unlocking children's potential. Over the years, JCC has gained a substantial experience by producing a considerable part of the content, and carefully selecting the rest from the best of the international market. At the same time, the channel has built on deep insights into researches, which had provided tremendous knowledge into Arab children's behavior and enabled us to understand what children want and need. With this in mind, we wanted to integrate a child-centric brand that caters to the modern needs of Arab children and a generation of new media adopters, and brand that offers a full scale of 360 degrees proposition and over multiple platforms."

"The broader themes of our new programming blocks have been designed to coincide with the physiological, psychological needs of our audiences and their habits, including blocks that cater to kids alone during peak hours and the wider family blocks in the evening. Through our content, we are also developing children's language and skills and encouraging the use of modern and simplified classical Arabic," said Saad Al Hudaifi, Deputy Executive General Manager and Acting Director of Channels. "JeemTV's content has been acquired, commissioned and produced in-house to deliver the strongest blend of children's media in the Arab world, guiding them through life, and inspiring them to be good citizens by instilling and encouraging strong values and ideals."

Jeddah Booth
JCC's Acting Director of Sales and Media Rights, Rashed Al-Qurese Almarri, said: "Given the huge strides that technology has made in recent years, it seemed right and proper to make the channel a state of the art reference that is loved by children and respected by parents. JCC produces a considerable part of its overall offering, and carefully selects the rest from the very best of the international market, based on our unique child-centric strategy. To achieve this, we have already made key strategic alliances with internationally renowned content providers who have produced shows that tell compelling stories in a contemporary setting. In addition, by building, promoting, and leveraging both JCC's own properties as well as acquired properties, we are dedicated to play an important role in the region and witness their success."

To cater the child's psychological needs, JeemTV formed a committee with a membership of top content experts in the Arab world to assess the content, as well as provide evaluation and guidance. During the course of one year, JeemTV conducted workshops for all employees, so they can understand the mentality of the Arab child and be able to embrace it. As a result, JeemTV has developed daily segments that are dedicated to the entire family, and that showcase programs that touch their minds and hearts. The program grids were developed to fit with the child's daily schedule and ensure that both education and entertainment are included, to inspire and empower Arab children.

Alexandria Booth
The JeemTV Channel also has a new visual identity and a new interface helps children to get to the content they want quickly and easily. Fatma Alobaidli, JCC's Marketing and Creative Director, said: "Children's branding has to effectively and clearly communicate what the brand is all about. We wanted to create a unique and memorable identity that resonates with our audience and their parents and at the same time is strong, distinguishable and contemporary. Therefore, the name JeemTV was born – it is Arabic in origin, easy to remember, has an attractive look and feel to it, and is easy and consistent to pronounce across the Arab region. The yellow dot that defines the Arabic letter Jeem in our new logo is also the point of activation and it reinforces the use of classical Arabic language. It allows a child to take control and to define their world. It is an exciting opportunity that invites children to play, to learn, to discover and explore, and to use their imagination. Also, JeemTV.net under the logo communicates that the brand is digital, meaning that it goes beyond the traditional TV screen and offers children content across multiple platforms."

JeemTV will also be available in HD. Guerroudj, JCC's Broadcast and Technical Services Director said: "JCC is progressively revolutionizing its digital library and migration over to high-definition digital library thereby introducing a full tapeless environment. We have made our progress in full HD technical support for our studios, post production and facilities. Our superior studios have deployed state-of-the-art technology and continue to support several international projects in Qatar."

Dubai Booth
JeemTV was introduced to its audience during a five-hour show that was aired live on the channel from the new main studio in Doha, and broadcast across the region with events in Alexandria, Egypt (San Stefano Mall); Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (Mall of Arabia); Dubai, UAE (Dubai Festival City Mall); and Casablanca, Morocco (Morocco Mall). In Dubai and Alexandria children also had a chance to meet popular puppets Anbar and his friend Lahouh.
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