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Philippe Mora’s Documentary German Sons To Premiere
At Era New Horizons Film Festival In Wroclaw Poland July 2011

Philippe Mora
Director Philippe Mora, who is currently in Cannes promoting his latest feature project Dali in 3D, will see the premiere of his documentary feature German Sons at the Era New Horizons Film Festival in Wroclaw Poland in July 2011. The Polish people, so viciously treated by the Germans and then the Russians, have responded keenly to this film of reconciliation between the son of a Nazi and a Jewish Resistance fighter.

Last year Era New Horizons Film Festival the largest in central Europe, held a retrospective of Mora's fims.

On November 9th 2009 musician Harald Grosskopf met filmmaker Philippe Mora in Berlin. Both artists, they became immediate friends as they discussed their opposite German family histories. This is a positive story of humanity, and how two artists reconciled their traumatic family histories in an effort to understand the past and go forward in friendship.

Grosskopf’s father had been a Nazi Party member who joined the Wehrmacht. Grosskopf had argued with his father throughout his life trying to understand the Nazi history. Mora’s Jewish father had been a medical student at Humboldt University, expelled in I933 for not producing Aryan papers. He later joined the French Resistance helping rescue Jewish children throughout the war.

Mora started filming his discussions with Grosskopf, and a film journal of a remarkable friendship in the shadow of the conflicting German family histories evolved. Grosskopf became compelled to research Mora’s family history in Leipzig discovering many documents, including Nazi seizure of funds. The search for evidence led to the archives in Wroclaw where Mora found hundreds of more family documents.
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