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Gorn & Robinson Built Wonderphil As A Solid State

Left Phil Gorn & Business Partner Sanders "Sandman" Robinson
Los Angeles and San Francisco based Wonderphil Productions headed by business partners Phil Gorn and Sanders Robinson attend Cannes with a trio of new titles in various stages of production for the international market place. The company is showcasing for the first time internationally the newly completed Solid State with Vivica Fox, released in the US in April, Kingdom of the Gladiators, and Richard the Red Lion together with a number of other titles.

Previously an independent producer, Gorn got into the sales end of the business with a mandate to represent producers fairly, after experiencing the 'expenses' racket that exists where the independent producer struggles to see a dime from 'sales' of his product. Determined to prove that there was another way to do business, both Wonderphil partners are mildly spoken which belies a passion for film and as keen business men an eye to profit on both sides of the table.

Phil and Sanders jointly commented, "We're not hiding all of the filmmaker's earnings in the never-ending loophole so fondly known as "expenses." We want the independent filmmakers of the world to make a chunk of money. Our contract is straightforward, simple and requires little obligation. You will get paid from the first deal. The bottom line is: if the filmmaker isn't happy, then we're not happy. If the filmmaker wants out of the contract, we make it very easy for this to happen. We don't want to hold a filmmaker who doesn't want our representation. We've tried to take the sting out of signing away your film. We will simply do our best & if that isn't good enough, then you'll be free to go elsewhere. But, hopefully, we will all be ecstatic to work together."

With the changing marketplace, Wonderphil's strategy is to produce more films with a stable of filmmakers, such as Stefano Milla (Gladiator Games, Kingdom of Gladiators, Solid State, Richard: The Red Lion) who praises Wonderphil's ethics and is in the process of making his fourth film with the company. Milla said, "Wonderphil has been just that... wonderful. They sold my first film worldwide when I truly did not think it could do so well. They helped produce and then sold my second film. I've just finished my third feature as I prepare my fourth. I am living my dream of making movies."?? Jeremy Benson (Live Animals) says, "Wonderphil has been great! Having worked with different companies in the past and currently, Phil's approach of keeping the filmmaker in the loop and treating the producers like people makes working with him easy - the way it should be. Not to mention, he sells the movies! For us, he is a perfect fit!"

Phil Gorn said: "One of the reasons to look more to producing is because the marketplace is so volatile and has changed so much. Buyers are much slower to make decisions, are more particular and whereas a few years ago you could sell an action film, nothing is slam-dunk anymore. Over the last two year, due to the success of films like 300, Gladiator, and TV series such as Spartacus, films we have in our stable like Richard: The Red Lion are selling well, medieval type themes with rich production values. The plan we are currently working on is to build our own production studio so that we can consistently bring at least one new product to each market. Being so close to the ground, attending all the markets, we get a good feel for what the buyers are seeking. We enjoy working with the same people and have a stable of three to five directors we work with on a constant basis. The need for content is out there but the demands from the buyer are high, and so we (the collective) need to offer high quality production value films that meet the buyers' expectations, yet are doable within a reasonable budget. And today with the advances in technology and its application to the film process that is possible."

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