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Marco Colombo Launches LA Based
International Distribution Company

666 Devilish Charm
Eighteen months after getting back into the film and television business following a twelve-year hiatus to concentrate on family life, entrepreneur Marco Colombo has launched Filmax International, an international Film and Television distribution company based in Los Angeles.

In 2012, when he launched The Marco Colombo Company (TMCC) to revive his film business activities as a producer of content, he had commented: "I sense that the trick to moving forward in this business is a grasp and usage of the new technology and flexibility. After nearly two years of studying the business, which is evolving at great speed, it's apparent that one needs to be in the distribution end of the business, which now offers many multi-layered platforms, and with those worldwide platforms comes the need and opportunity to distribute content. In the last eighteen months, the film and television landscape has continued to change and there is no longer a rigid defined line when it comes to content. As the new platforms come on stream globally, the consumer no longer cares how content is delivered – he wants it, where and when it's convenient for him or her. Many of the same players I have dealt with in the past are still operating in the field, but their footprints now encompass all aspects of transmedia."

The films in the distribution line-up for all media, include several films in the family genre: A Halloween Puppy, starring Eric Roberts and Kristine DeBell; A Christmas Puppy starring Alexandra Paul and featuring the voice of Judy Landers; A Talking Pony!?! starring Jason Faunt (Power Rangers), Kristine De Bell and introducing Jenny Cipolla; An Easter Bunny Puppy, directed by Mary Crawford; Santa's Summer House, starring Cynthia Rothrock, Gary Daniels, Daniel Bernhardt, Chris Mitchum and Kathy Long; A Magic Puppy, directed by Mary Crawford; A Christmas Puppy starring Alexandra Paul, Vanessa Angel, Maureen McCormick, Judy Landers and Baywatch's Jason Brooks. In the horror genre, My Stepbrother is a Vampire!?! is completed and available at MIPCOM for the first time, and 666 Devilish Charm is currently in post prodcution.

Filmax International attends MIPCOM looking to partner with companies that have projects in various stages of production and are seeking distribution, either by financing or as a co-financing partner.

About Marco Colombo
Marco Colombo is a seasoned international film and television executive and independent film producer and financier of more than thirty films.
Starting his career with Robbie Little's Overseas Film Group (now the Little Film Company), he joined the company in 1983 as Little's assistant and quickly rose to the position of VP in charge of Marketing and International Sales. In 1985 at the start of the video boom, Vestron Inc, a pioneer in the video business based in Connecticut, appointed Colombo VP of Intl' Sales and Acquisitions, and he was part of the management team when Vestron went public the following year.
In 1987, seeing a gap in the marketplace, he established Filmtrust Motion Picture Licensing, an independent company that grew rapidly utilizing innovative marketing strategies and aggressively pursuing its customers to maximize the potential of their film and television titles.
After four successful years he sold Filmtrust and became an aggregator for several top European TV networks by creating attractive film packages and acting as a broker between the international distribution companies and the television networks.
Marco Colombo was on the Board of Directors AFMA (renamed IFTA) in the early days of its growth. IFTA is the association of the independent international distribution companies that includes major independent companies, among them Lionsgate, Miramax, and Summit. Colombo was on the organization's Board for several years and served as Vice Chairman from 1990 to 1993.
The son of legendary Italian producer Harry Colombo who produced A Fistful of Dollars, Marco Colombo graduated from University of Southern California Business School and also holds a degree in Computer Systems & Programming.
In 1999 Marco Colombo took a leave of absence from the film business (but not entirely as he continued to fund pictures at arm's length) and moved to Monte-Carlo where he spends his days between actively managing his finances and family activities.
In 2012 Colombo established The Marco Colombo Company (TMCC) as a continuance of fully reactivating his film activities and exploring the new technology platforms by attending all the film and television markets.

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