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The Film & Television Industry
Top 20 Websites Worldwide

A Company's Website is its window to the world. We rarely use business card, and if we do the vital elements are name, telephone number and website. The virtual world now plays a key role in almost every aspect of our lives just as Embedded Virtual Technology has Transformed
How We Interlink Business & Social Networking, your company's Website has become A Vitally Strategic Point of Sale & Contact.
Concentrating on the The Independents around the world in Production Distribution and Exhibition, TBOF's panel has chosen its Top 20 Websites.
Each selection excels in the following elements: the 'individual' clarity of vision in Presentation of the company and its values, how that is outwardly reflected, ease of navigating the site, source and display of information. In the case of the Exhibition companies, an additional crucial element was taken into account: successful interfacing with the consumer, the ultimate purchasers of filmed content for the big and small screens.

Companies are listed alphabetically

  • 10 Francs

  • Atlas International Film

  • Cake
    United Kingdom

  • Content Media
    United Kingdom

  • Films Boutique

  • Entertainment Films Co.
    United Kingdom

  • Finecut Co., Ltd.

  • Fortissimo Films
    The Netherlands

  • LevelK

  • Fantastic Films
    United States

  • Millennium Films
    United States

  • Roadshow Entertainment

  • Shoreline Entertainment
    United States

  • Starz Worldwide
    United States

  • Sterkinekor
    South Africa

  • Svensk Filmindustri

  • Swen Group

  • Telepool

  • The Little Film Co.
    United States

  • We Distribution
    Hong Kong